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Windsurfing Instruction

Lessons, Rentals, and Demos
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Windsurfing 101

Windsurfing 101 affords anyone interested in windsurfing the opportunity to learn in a fun and safe format utilizing techniques developed by U.S. Windsurfing, U.S. Sailing and our own experiences developed while teaching hundreds of people to Windsurf per year for more than a decade. Our average student is sailing in 90 minutes and independently in about three hours.


Shore Training

Students learn all their basic techniques on-shore, incorporating our Windsurfing simulator, and are taught in step-by-step, easy-to-digest instructions. This approach takes the beginner through every step of the process of memorizing and developing the motor skills needed before they're ever getting on the water. Shore training allows for better communication between the instructor and student during that segment, and significantly lessens physical and mental stress on the student. Simulator time typically takes about 30 minutes


Water Simulation

We follow up with a On-Water Simulation, this allows the instructor and student to properly determine the best board and sail size for them based on the water & wind conditions that day, the students over-all height and weight, as well as the students level of athletic ability. Water simulation is typically done on a leash so the instructor can simply pull the student back to shore as they review the techniques introducing during the Shore Simulation session.


   Open Water Time
Now it’s time to hit the water!! Depending on the number of students, various logistics and weather conditions, instructors will either sail along with students or teach from our “floating class-room”. Before launching, the student and instructor plot a course for the first-time windsurfing student based on winds, however, as their technique is still developing, new students can expect to get blown off course at times. During Open Water some students often need direct 1-on-1 attention while others learn best by giving them a few pointers and checking in from time to time. Either way, we’ll figure out which one you are and respond accordingly. Depending on weather conditions, and the student physical endurance, some Open Water Session can last 3-4 hours; while others are done in significantly less time, “whatever works for you” is the policy and students are welcome to come back to finish their Windsurfing 101 on another day if they need to.

  Chalk Talk

Eventually the student will need a physical break, this is a great time to re-hydrate, grab a bite to eat, and sit around the marker board, maps, and books to discuss Wind Theory, Weather, and the technical aspects of all the new Windsurfing techniques they have just learned.

Gear 101

We’ll spend time talking the basics of Windsurfing equipment, teaching students and club members to rig and de-rig sails and boards, and proper gear tuning.