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Come join us in the pool, try on all the gear and dive in a controlled environment. Feel what it's like to breath underwater, achieve neutral buoyancy, and see what scuba diving is all about. This is your chance to "test drive" scuba with our NAUI Discover Scuba session. Discover helps to answer many of the questions potential scuba divers have about the sport.​​ JUST $40 PER PERSON ~ AND if you sign up for our SCUBA Diving Class we will credit that $40 back to you!


The whole idea behind Discover Scuba is to find out if scuba is right for you. Some folks find Discover Scuba opens the door to a lifetime of diving, while others just get the opportunity to check scuba diving off their bucket list. Some individuals find they are not comfortable underwater. If that's you, you will determine that in about 3 feet of water, with an instructor by your side. You are welcome to stop at any point and your opinion is the ONLY opinion that matters.

 Discover only takes about 30 minutes but we typically go 90 minutes to enhance your experience. Students get to try on the gear, breath underwater, and float underwater achieving neutral buoyancy, all in shallow water. Discover is the prefect opportunity to "kick the tires" and see if scuba is right for you.

No purchase is necessary. Barclay's will supply you with snorkel, mask, fins, and equipment for your discover scuba experience. All you'll need is a signed waiver form, bathing suit, towel, and a sense of adventure.​

Naturally, we would love for everyone who attends discover scuba to sign up for our NAUI scuba course with us that day. We are not selling condos or time-shares here. The choice and commitment to become a scuba diver is something that no one can pressure another person into doing. The choice must be a self motivated decision. Also, we understand that working a full NAUI scuba course into your schedule and budget can take some doing. We have had discover students sign up for the course two and even three years after their discover scuba session.


If at ANYTIME, the student is uncomfortable with any part of the process they are welcomed to, and are encouraged to stop. Instructors, nor any other individuals, (family, friend, parent, spouse, etc) are not allowed to push a student beyond their level of comfort. If the student wishes to stop they are encouraged to do so, and will get no resistance from the instructor or any others. Absolutely no peer pressure from others is allowed.

Discover Scuba Waiver